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Trust: What is it good for?

EP: 037 | 34 MIN | AIRED: 06.01.2021

One of the questions most asked of the Nation is in relationship to trust. Should I trust? How do I get trust back? Will they ever trust me again? Well, in this episode, we go DEEP into the domain of trust and all that it means. Bring your trust issues to the party and let’s start a fire!

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A Life of Creation vs. Default – CHOOSE!

EP: 036 | 25 MIN | AIRED: 05.25.2021

Most human beings end up with lives they never started out with in mind. What we fail to see is just how much of our everyday life is carried out completely on autopilot. In this episode, we take a clean look at what it takes for you to live a life of creation versus a life of spinning your wheels on default. Here we go!

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The ABCs of Letting Go

EP: 035 | 31 MIN | AIRED: 05.18.2021

All too often we get stuck with items from our past. Disagreements, traumas, arguments, upsets and drama. The accumulation of a life lived with others. On this episode, Gary breaks down what it will take from you to finally let that shit go! Whether it’s been hanging around for 2 days or 2 decades, tune in, listen up and prepare for lift off!

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Your Motivation is Bullshit

EP: 034 | 42 MIN | AIRED: 05.11.2021

The world is absolutely brimming over with motivation, positivity and whatever else seems to be the flavor of the day to inspire you to get off the couch and do whatever you’re supposed to do. It’s little wonder we’re exhausted! So, what’s the alternative and how do you become powerful when interrupting the drift of your own life? Buckle up, settle down and let’s get into the reality of becoming a better you and living a better life.

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The #1 Way to be Powerful in Life

EP: 033 | 31 MIN | AIRED: 05.04.2021

There are so many schemes and strategies out there to grow your sense of self, to increase confidence or knowledge, or provide you with the secret to a great life… But you know what? It’s mostly bullshit. It all resides within you and you can access that power right away, starting today. On this episode, we deal with what it takes for you to be a person of your word. To be someone who makes great things happen, just because you said they would and under any circumstance!

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The Money Show

EP: 032 | 44 MIN | AIRED: 04.27.2021

There is so much overload about money. How to make it, manifest it, attract it, hustle for it; you name it and we’ve pretty much heard it all, so why do we still struggle with this subject so much? On this episode we plunge into the money conversation and outline not only why you are stuck in this area of your life, but how you can finally get yourself on the road to financial success!

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What’s the Story?

EP: 031 | 35 MIN | AIRED: 04.20.2021

Everywhere you look in the personal development genre, there’s a meme, an article, or a video that’s trying to convince you to “re-write your story.”

The problem is, we have no real connection to what that means. What is YOUR story? How is it still playing out in your life and tying you to a future you don’t even want? On this episode, we take a DEEP dive into your past to finally reveal why you find it so hard to shake it off. Ready for a new future? Let’s go!

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The Difference Between Blame and Responsibility

EP: 030 | 38 MIN | AIRED: 04.13.2021

We are neck deep in a culture of blame where our first instinct is to find out who caused the mess rather than who will fix it. Why do we struggle so much with the idea of responsibility? Why has it become so conditional? Still think you’re one of the responsible ones? Think again.

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Why Are You So Triggered?

EP: 029 | 45 MIN | AIRED: 04.06.2021

All too often we notice how other people seem triggered or hooked… but the truth is, it’s you too! On this episode, we’re getting to the heart of your own machinery to answer that one big question: Why are you so triggered?

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Becoming a Student of Yourself

EP: 028 | 41 MIN | AIRED: 03.30.2021

It’s pretty safe to say we think we know ourselves best; yet when you try to explain why you do this thing or that thing, the explanation never seems to be enough to change what you’re doing. In short, do we really know ourselves enough to change? On this episode, we deal with what it actually takes to become the student and eventually become masterful in navigating the most dangerous of waters – Yourself.

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