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A Created Life

EP: 075 | 32 MIN | AIRED: 02.22.2022

Most of us end up at certain spots in life and wonder, “how did I end up HERE?!”
In this episode, we flip the switch on the new kind of thinking it takes to re-invent you, your life and your future.

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A Murky Future

EP: 074 | 22 MIN | AIRED: 02.15.2022

What does one do when they’re unsure, unclear, confused or just plain old stuck about what to do next in their life? Luckily for you, we have some clarity in this week’s episode!

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Don’t Show Them

EP: 073 | 20 MIN | AIRED: 02.08.2022

We frequently get caught in situations where we are secretly trying to show someone they were wrong about us or underestimated us or misjudged us. Surely that’s a good thing to use as fuel to reach for new things? Eh…not quite.

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All or Nothing At All

EP: 072 | 23 MIN | AIRED: 02.01.2022

In this weeks knock your socks off episode we get into doing the right kind of work. Anyone can read books, do courses, listen to podcasts, but how do you know if what you are doing is actually working as best it can?

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