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What’s it Worth?

EP: 023 | 32 MIN | AIRED: 02.23.2021

Get ready! Gary’s taking a sledgehammer to the self-help industry waffle around the subject of worth. On this episode, let go of your need to find who you are in your bank balance or your job or your business and finally understand what you need to be focusing on when it comes to proving who the hell you are!

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Candor or Complaint?

EP: 022 | 34 MIN | AIRED: 02.16.2021

Can you tell the difference between speaking your mind and being authentic? In this episode, we’re unmasking the persona of “the straight shooter,” to show how candor is often just complaining in disguise. But that’s not all! We have an absolute doozy of a question from the Nation that will reveal the unseen damage of ‘advice’.

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Why You Are the Way You Are

EP: 021 | 26 MIN | AIRED: 02.09.2021

When you tell others, “I’m just being myself,” are you really being your authentic self? Or is it perhaps another age old excuse that’s hiding in plain sight? Unfortunately, sayings like these have become so culturally camouflaged and commonplace that they’ve distorted ontological perspectives as time has gone on. It’s high time you cut this shit out – so on this episode, Gary’s confronting the “you” that you say you are.

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Where Do I Start?

EP: 020 | 35 MIN | AIRED: 02.02.2021

Most of us say we want to change but find ourselves stopped at the doorway to the future, hampered by the demands of the life we currently have or weighed down by the one we used to have. Let’s cut to the chase of what you need to get clear about and step into what’s next for you and your life. On this week’s episode of the nation, Gary’s addressing the burning question on many peoples lips, “I know I need to change my life, but how?”

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