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Why Are You Tolerating?

EP: 050 | 40 MIN | AIRED: 08.31.2021

Most of the stuff you’re tolerating has nothing to do with other people or your situation or your circumstances. Wanna know what your biggest barrier is in this life? It’s all the bullshit you tolerate about YOU! This one’s a blockbuster of a show, so LET’S GO!

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The Great Pretender

EP: 049 | 36 MIN | AIRED: 08.24.2021

Most people can point to an area or two of their life where they feel like they are pretending or faking it at some level. But what if the pretense is a much bigger thing than you think? We’re going in deep folks!

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WTF is Mindset?

EP: 048 | 29 MIN | AIRED: 08.17.2021

Probably one of the most overused and misunderstood words in the Personal Growth industry is “mindset.” What does it mean and how can understanding your mindset unlock your future? Let’s go!

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Are You Programmed?

EP: 047 | 24 MIN | AIRED: 08.10.2021

Ever heard of your subconscious? Ever wondered or been frustrated about what’s going on deep in the background of your mind? This episode, we take a no-nonsense leap into the subject of your subconscious “programming.”

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The Victim Show

EP: 046 | 33 MIN | AIRED: 08.03.2021

All too often we think there are certain people who are victims in life and then there’s everyone else, but in this episode, GJB tears off your blindfold to show you all the ways YOU are a victim in your own life!

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