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Family Failings

EP: 012 | 34 MIN | AIRED: 11.18.2020

Family is always the centerpiece of the Holiday Season. So, while the global pandemic is likely forcing you to scale back the size of your cornucopia this Thanksgiving, the question remains: what sort of drama will your family be bringing to this year’s festivities? Well, before you get carried away with your carving knife, Gary’s here with a fresh batch of insights to help you handle your Family Failings as we head into the Holidays.

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War on Words: Getting There & Work in Progress

EP: 011 | 10 MIN | AIRED: 11.10.2020

Gary’s back to show you how you’re getting trapped in your own language with another installment of The War on Words. This time, Gary’s taking up arms against the phrases “Getting There” and “Work in Progress,” to show you that you need to really connect with your present instead of buying yourself off with some promise of “the future you.” So light your torch and grab your pitchfork, it’s time for War!

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Taking the Leap

EP: 010 | 36 MIN | AIRED: 11.04.2020

If you’re someone who’s interested in making a significant life change, strap in and turn up the volume! On this episode, Gary’s pulling the curtain back to reveal what you need to break free from your hamster wheel and how you can embrace the uncertainty on the other side of your leap of faith.

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