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EP: 045 | 30 MIN | AIRED: 07.27.2021

On this episode, we’re taking a dive into GJB’s brand new Audiobook, “SANITY”. How can we manage to keep ourselves grounded in these uncertain times? We also take a leap into the critical role that honesty plays in our general sense of happiness in life. Here we go!

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You Can’t Go Back

EP: 044 | 42 MIN | AIRED: 07.20.2021

All too often, I hear from people trying to get their life back to the way it was. STOP! In this episode, we reset the panic button and open up a whole new direction for you and your life. And for those of you struggling with making a major decision, don’t miss this week’s question from the Nation!

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Be Yourself? Not Quite…

EP: 043 | 23 MIN | AIRED: 07.13.2021

It seems the most common thing we hear when it comes to personal development is the idea of simply “being yourself.” But is it really that simple? And what does being yourself really mean anyway? Open your doors or we’ll blow them off with this week’s episode!

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