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You’re Not a Category

EP: 054 | 29 MIN | AIRED: 09.28.2021

It’s become the fashionable thing to do these days. To analyze friends, your ex, your brother, your parents, your boss; and come up with your Google based diagnosis of who they all are and how you should handle them. Stop. Just fucking stop and here’s why…

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Cutting Through the Confusion

EP: 053 | 29 MIN | AIRED: 09.21.2021

Life change can be confusing. Where to start? What’s my passion? Am I right? Am I wrong? In this week’s episode we cut through the morass of everyday life to set you on the path to your future. Come on down!

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The Two Things

EP: 052 | 36 MIN | AIRED: 09.14.2021

Of all the things in your life that need to be changed, there are two items you will have to deal with immediately and permanently if you are to be someone who can be powerful now and into the future. Bring a cushion.

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Questions! Questions! Questions!

EP: 051 | 40 MIN | AIRED: 09.07.2021

You have questions, I have answers! Every week we get a slew of questions coming in from the Nation. So, on this episode, we are devoting the entire show to answering some of your most pressing, most troubling of life issues. Let’s do this!

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