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You Can’t Go Back

EP: 044 | 42 MIN | AIRED: 07.20.2021

All too often, I hear from people trying to get their life back to the way it was. STOP! In this episode, we reset the panic button and open up a whole new direction for you and your life. And for those of you struggling with making a major decision, don’t miss this week’s question from the Nation!

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Be Yourself? Not Quite…

EP: 043 | 23 MIN | AIRED: 07.13.2021

It seems the most common thing we hear when it comes to personal development is the idea of simply “being yourself.” But is it really that simple? And what does being yourself really mean anyway? Open your doors or we’ll blow them off with this week’s episode!

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Impact: It’s Time to Wake Up!

EP: 041 | 30 MIN | AIRED: 06.29.2021

When we hear the word “impact” we mostly focus on how we’re the ones being impacted by situations and people. In true Unfuck Nation style, we’re unlocking the whole picture of impact and how it can change your life forever.

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You’re on Autopilot

EP: 040 | 28 MIN | AIRED: 06.22.2021

Real life happens in moments of interruption. So, how awake are you really?

In this episode, we’re unpacking the everyday idea of what it is to break out of the systemic patterns of behavior that have you trapped. Oh… and the question from the nation? Do. Not. Miss. This.

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Get Over the Past!

EP: 039 | 40 MIN | AIRED: 06.15.2021

When we say “get over the past,” what are we really talking about? In this episode, we’re breaking down the who, why, where and what of the sometimes emotional drain of the past and what the hell you can do about it!

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Cutting People Out is a BAD Idea

EP: 038 | 36 MIN | AIRED: 06.08.2021

“Cut toxic people from your life… Blah de Blah Blah Blah.” If I see it one more time on Social Media I will SCREAM! In this episode, we finally confront why cutting anyone from your life is a crappy practice and one that you will carry around in the most unexpected ways for the rest of your life. What’s the alternative? That’s what we’re dealing with!

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Trust: What is it good for?

EP: 037 | 34 MIN | AIRED: 06.01.2021

One of the questions most asked of the Nation is in relationship to trust. Should I trust? How do I get trust back? Will they ever trust me again? Well, in this episode, we go DEEP into the domain of trust and all that it means. Bring your trust issues to the party and let’s start a fire!

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A Life of Creation vs. Default – CHOOSE!

EP: 036 | 25 MIN | AIRED: 05.25.2021

Most human beings end up with lives they never started out with in mind. What we fail to see is just how much of our everyday life is carried out completely on autopilot. In this episode, we take a clean look at what it takes for you to live a life of creation versus a life of spinning your wheels on default. Here we go!

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The ABCs of Letting Go

EP: 035 | 31 MIN | AIRED: 05.18.2021

All too often we get stuck with items from our past. Disagreements, traumas, arguments, upsets and drama. The accumulation of a life lived with others. On this episode, Gary breaks down what it will take from you to finally let that shit go! Whether it’s been hanging around for 2 days or 2 decades, tune in, listen up and prepare for lift off!

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