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“Toxic People”, “Toxic Person”, “They’re Toxic”

You’ve seen these terms bandied around social media, books, workshops, you name it, they have very much become common language in our everyday conversations and environments. And that’s a problem. Why? Because, if you are using these terms, you’re just not thinking. Period.

Look, this isn’t a judgement of you if you are using these terms, rather a reality check. Cut this stuff out of your vocabulary immediately. Firstly, you’re trashing the very first ideal of personal growth, i.e. you’re more interested in analyzing others than yourself. Wind your neck in. Focus on you.

Secondly, you’re separating yourself from people when you use alienating language like this. You’re dehumanizing others.

Thirdly. Have you ever considered what you are doing to yourself, who you are becoming in relating to other people in this way? This impacts you in ways you cannot imagine.

Lastly, in life, people can be assholes. It would be a big mistake for you to forget that you are people too.