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War on Words: Getting There & Work in Progress

EP: 011 | 10 MIN | AIRED: 11.10.2020

Gary’s back to show you how you’re getting trapped in your own language with another installment of The War on Words. This time, Gary’s taking up arms against the phrases “Getting There” and “Work in Progress,” to show you that you need to really connect with your present instead of buying yourself off with some promise of “the future you.” So light your torch and grab your pitchfork, it’s time for War!

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Taking the Leap

EP: 010 | 36 MIN | AIRED: 11.04.2020

If you’re someone who’s interested in making a significant life change, strap in and turn up the volume! On this episode, Gary’s pulling the curtain back to reveal what you need to break free from your hamster wheel and how you can embrace the uncertainty on the other side of your leap of faith.

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Your Truth is BS – Part 2

EP: 009 | 22 MIN | AIRED: 10.27.2020

In the eye-opening conclusion to last week’s conversation about authenticity and speaking your truth – Gary’s taking the nation straight to the heart of how your complaints bastardize the truth and take you from “being authentic” to “being an @$$hole.” But that’s just the beginning! Gary’s going up against a lightning round of questions to show what authenticity is all about before capping things off with one HUGE question from the nation.

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Your Truth is BS – Part 1

EP: 008 | 45 MIN | AIRED: 10.21.2020

Everybody likes to think they’re being authentic, but what would you say if Gary told you that “your truth” is bullshit? Well, hot on the heels of the release of Wise as Fu*k, Gary’s taking on the grey area that separates concepts like authenticity, personality, and complaints.

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Wise as Fu*k

EP: 007 | 39 MIN | AIRED: 10.13.2020

In celebration of the release of his newest book – Wise as Fu*k – Gary’s giving you a special look into what it means to be wise in the four areas you need it most: love, loss, fear and success.

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The War on Words: Easier Said Than Done

EP: 006 | 08 MIN | AIRED: 10.06.2020

This week on Unfu*k Nation, Gary’s introducing a brand new way to Unfu*k Yourself – joining Gary’s War on Words. Through these minisodes, Gary’s setting out to transform the way you use language to describe your situation by erasing those unremarkable words and phrases from your life that hold you back – and this time around, it’s all about eradicating “Easier Said Than Done.”

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Stop Fu*king Explaining Yourself!

EP: 005 | 34 MIN | AIRED: 09.30.2020

Everybody loves a good story, right? That’s what many of us believe, but this week, Gary’s laying out some fundamental truths behind why you need to stop spinning up stories and how your backstory is just another mechanism for you to make bullshit excuses.

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